Friday, May 28, 2004  

My great friend is taking a ride with his love. A ride which I hope will be always smooth and sunny.
How simple is life!
What we most need is just somebody next to us. A person who you care, trust and rely.
Man must be a lonely creature. Man spends his life in the never ending search of a soulmate, a friend, a cotinuation of himself.

Thus we create friends, lovers ... thus we find the person to accompany us in the ride of life.

What I want to wish to Sal and Sil is:

Fly high
Watch the world pass by
Never want to come down
Never want to put your feet back down
On the ground

Just follow your ride ... :)

(Jebby & "Depeche Mode" )

jessy | 5/28/2004 09:50:00 AM
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